Mindful Meditation 

Coordinates Life brings to you Mindful Meditation by
Kirti Sethia Bengani Kirti Sethia

Simple and easy way to learn meditation.
People live in two worlds, Physical & Virtual and both need to be understood for the right results.

5 Hours of basic-meditation workshop delves into the fundamentals of ‘Doing Meditation’.

Learning & Benefits from the Session

Help you make right decisions
Uncover the opportunities and hidden potentials in oneself.
Boosts self-confidence and accelerates positivity.
Helps in decreasing metabolism, lowers blood pressure, improves heart rate, breathing and brain waves.
Open house for consultation for various problems or queries.

Lunch with us.

Do not eat heavy before meditation and after meditation session.
Wear white,light color and comfortable clothes.
Do not drink too much of water.
Please get a notebook, pen and (cotton/woolen) aasan for comfortable sitting.

For details please call +91 87641 94686