Teachers day 2018

On Teachers Day~
Thank you to all my teachers ..
He who is knowledgeable,erudite.He who accepts you despite your goods and bads. He who understands you and shows you the right path. He who admired your very thought might not be practical but gives you chance to learn from mistakes. He who has all characters of a friend, guide, mentor and philosopher. He who despite being so much is humble and confidante. I bow down to this very day and say
Because of you – I am


Happy Teacher’s Day Kirti Mam. You always have been an inspiration to me and the way you supported and guided me, I was the lucky one.
Thank you so much mam for everything and every moment.

~Reechu Kumari


Happy Teacher’s Day Kirti di and Suman Kumar Das sir.
We love u.

~Anu Bansal Agarwal