My Angel

Warning: Though I don’t post much, but this time it’s going to be long.
The angel of my life, whom most of you already know through my stories & some of you are even tired of hearing about. To the rest of you, I would love to boast.
This godmother of mine has given me more than I deserved- time, patience & love that is beyond quantification barriers. In class 6, I failed miserably in 4 out of 10 subjects we had, least interested in studies and not at all bothered of what the future held for me. This motherly figure came n changed the whole scenario. From red inks to blue, not only academically, she changed my life on a broader horizon. Adamant, strict and stubborn, I could never have an upper hand with her, be it escaping homeworks by ‘lost my notebook’ excuse or ‘I’m not well’ excuse for bunking. From protecting me to feeding me, she did all it took to transform me from an AWARA BACCHA. I’ve not achieved anything big or worthy of boasting, but as a matter of fact, whatever little I am today in this big, big world, it is because of her vision, guidance and support. She has taught me everything I know today. Cannot thank you enough for your contribution in my life. Love you par reality…… Kirti Sethia Bengani

~Aishvarya Arora