Neutral Color Scheme

There’s something wonderfully calming about neutral color scheme, which is why it’s such a good combination for workspaces too.

We create signature designs for our valued customers. One will be thrilled to know the love and respect we received while creating them. Our esteemed client Mr Nagraj Bermecha (Jain) from Kolkata has always shown that respect and provided a free hand in designing these spaces. Sure it takes a lot of patience and time but eventually it’s worth it.

We tried to create a new experience, which is dark, cozy and contemporary. Workspaces should not necessarily be formal, but a nice fusion of casual elements actually makes long working hours bearable.

The beauty of earth tones such as charcoal, beige etc. are that, you can play with those with almost any other tints. A dark backdrop throughout and by simply adding beige surfaces, we as  Architects has given the space an extra visual lift.

Subtle play in the overall textural (tactile if you must say) quality is also worth noting, where glossy and reflective surfaces get complimented with some matte and textured ones.

It is a design, which has different layers. One has to stay within it, to feel the soul of the space.nj cabin

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