Granite/Marble Sills

Install Granite/Marble Window Sills


DSC_0030.JPGWindow sills add to the overall appearance of a structure’s interior and exterior. The placement of natural stone sills is a good investment in the property, and those who install sills made from granite or marble will not only benefit from the strength and durability of this material, they will also be providing a sturdy, long-lasting support for the entire window frame. Although heavy, marble or granite  can be supported properly by reinforcing the wood frame, and the result is a very tight water seal that helps lower energy costs and extends the life of the frame itself.

An exterior window frame also allows property owners to display gnomes, flower vases, and other items in such a way that they are easily visible to others. A flat window sill made from wood can be treated with water sealant and paint, but the overall cost to maintain a wooden sill is actually much higher than what can be expected with premium quality marble or natural stone like granite . When considering the installation of exterior or interior  window sills for a residential or commercial development, think about the advantages of using a natural stone such as marble or granite  Below is a list that explains the benefits of using marble sills as well as why this material is actually a good investment despite the slightly higher cost of installation.

 Marble/Granite Is Beautiful In Appearance

Marble or Granite has long been a favored building material, even back in the days of the Roman Empire. This natural stone is metamorphic in formation, composed primarily of carbonate minerals. The extreme pressures that form a folded mountain range is what causes the minerals to compact into a strong, beautiful stone material.Buyers have the choice of numerous color shades and striation patterns. All marble types can be polished or honed, the result being a very shiny, bright stone that has extremely good light reflectivity. When properly cut and shaped, the appearance of a marble sill is without equal.

 A Durable, Long-Lasting Material

Natural stone such as marble, slate, or granite absorbs very little moisture and is unaffected by extreme changes in temperature and humidity. In other words, marble or granite weathers quite slowly and is therefore an excellent choice as an interior or exterior building material. Marble sills have a life expectancy of up to 200 years before the stone begins to show a noticeable, irreversible fade.

Marble or Granite is Easy To Clean

Polished marble does not attract dirt or grease, nor does dust or grime cling to the stone. Interior or Exterior sills made from marble are generally kept clean by rain. Soot in the atmosphere does very little to fade or darken the stone itself.Wiping the occasional bird dropping or natural stain from marble is easily accomplished without the use of chemical cleaners. If the stone has been given a specialty water seal coating, the patterning, striations, and blotching will stand out clearly for many, many years. There is very little physical labor involved with keeping marble or granite looking shiny and bright.

Very Little Maintenance is Required

As stated, marble/granite does not collect dirt readily, nor does it fade from exposure to atmospheric particulates. The most common maintenance procedures required to keep the stone looking its best is an occasional re-polishing or waxing. The grout or cement seal around the stone will also have to be attended to from time to time, but this is no different than maintaining the perimeter of a wooden exterior sill.

Marble/ Granite  Is Water-Resistant

Although this natural stone has tiny inclusions, water does not readily seep through. If the stone is given a thorough polishing and sealing, the stone acts as an efficient water barrier. An occasional waxing or sealing will prevent contaminated water from causing the appearance to fade over time.

Marble/Granite is Very Strong

Marble/Granite is a dense rock that will not bow or expand when subjected to variable temperatures or atmospheric pressures. The stone can actually be used as a supporting base for heavily glassed window frames. Some interior or exterior window sills are up to 14 inches in width, meaning that the stone can be fitted underneath part of the frame itself. Most importantly, the strength of stone will extend the life of the frame because it does not buckle or warp.

Marble/Granite Will Extend the Life of the Window Frame

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing the material for interior or exterior window frames. Wood frames absorb moisture over time, and the result is a weakening of the entire frame. Eventually, the frame begins to sink or buckle. Replacing window frames is costly and involves tearing away an entire section of Sheetrock on the inside wall.A

Marble Is Not Damaged By Exposure to Sunlight

This is one of the reasons many building designers prefer to use natural stone for accent features and highlighted exterior surfaces. Marble reflects light efficiently without absorbing much UV or infrared frequencies. This means that the color will not fade, nor will the rock crystals separate or weaken over time. Sunlight causes even less damage to marble than does water or airborne contaminants.

Marble Does Not Easily Chip

Top-quality marble window sills have been expertly cut and shaped, have been given rounded and smoothed edges, and have been polished or honed. Although marble can be broken by a sharp blow, it is extremely tolerant to oblique pressures. The stone will not crack or chip if it is supporting heavy weights. The edges of an exterior window sill made of marble will not chip away if struck by a falling tree limb.

Marble Increases Property Values

Using long-lasting, durable materials such as natural stone makes sense if one wants to keep maintenance costs low. The use of marble as a functional material – particularly as a window sill, floor tile, or threshold – is not lost on an appraiser. Marble truly increases the value of the property.


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