Dealing with ‘We know All’ Clients

These clients know so little but,they don’t realize  the fact. “No Pun intended but I don’t think we should be only  involved with the designing part.

Being Professional

Do exactly what we are supposed to do as a hired service provider. Avoid calling the client any names (at least to their face). Instead, Lets be professional and illustrate what, exactly, makes us  a professional.

Designing is not Easy

If a client tells is it looks easy, or should be easy, lets explain exactly why it isn’t. After all, the mark of an expert is making a difficult task look simple. If a client insists on watching over our shoulders, or that something has to be done in a way that breaks the rules of good design, lets tell them why this will hurt the eventual product.

Do not Educate them.

All that said, lets not waste too much of time educating our client. We aren’t being paid to be a teacher. Our commitment to the  client is to appreciate their input and try to utilize it moving forward.

Do your best

The best way to earn their trust is by doing the work well. we need to just keep our pace high and work flow good.


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