Launching Signature Designs

The collections I have created embody my signature furniture design, the fusion of traditional form, scale and proportion with the simplistic beauty and crispness of modern design.The marriage of contrasts; old and new, minimal and adorned, sleek and lustrous, delivers a look that is current yet timeless, fresh yet familiar”..KSB

The Red Cherry Couch

The Cherry Couch ac

  • Material.: Polyester
  • Dimensions.: ( L x D x H ): 94  x  41  x 33 inch
  • Seat Height.: 16 inch
  • Weight.:108 Kg
  • Price .: INR 1,25,000/-

A mid-century modern design with a contemporary twist, the Cherry Couch has a subtle yet imposing presence. The upholstery is done in Polyester that is characterized by a superfluous texture with subtle geometric patterns. The alternating shades on the Polyester provide another layer of contrast, Clearly, a study in contrasts.


The Teak Wood Sofa

  • Material.: Teak Wood & Polyester Velvet               DSC_0639a-1
  • Colour.: Grey/White/Red
  • Dimensions.: L x B x H .: 92 x 31.8 x 32.6 inch
  • Seat Height.: 16 inch
  • Weight.: 49 kg
  • Price.: INR 1,18,000/-

This Teak wood sofa is an effortlessly blend of classic and contemporary style making it an ideal update in any modern home. With maximized seating space and armrests to lean against it. You will just love it.

The Stolen Stool

sttol type 1

  • Material.: Teak Wood
  • Colour.: Natural Wood Finish
  • Dimensions.: L x B x H: 29*16*16 inch
  • Seat Height.: 29 inch
  • Weight.: 9 Kg
  • Price.: INR 4500/-

Angular Stools 

  • Material.: Wood Finished in Goldgold-garden-stools-23
  • Colour.: Gold Finish
  • Dimensions.: L x B x H: 22*17*17 inch
  • Seat Height.: 17 inch
  • Price.: INR  50,000/-

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